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A Bad News For Salman Khan Fans: Salman’s New Flick Tubelight’s Collection Dips Down to 1.20 Crore For the Second Monday

Tubelight Movie Poster
Photo: Salman's Tubelight Movie


A Bad News For Salman Khan Fans: Salman’s New Flick Tubelight’s Collection Dips Down to 1.20 Crore For the Second Monday

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If you have been a die hard Salman Khan fan, then you may get disappointed with the collection graph of his latest movie called ‘Tubelight.’ Tubelight is not at par the other successful movies of Khan Bhai of Bollywood, Mr. Salman Khan. The overall earnings for the second week Monday for this film is merely 1.20 crore, totaling the overall collection till date to around INR 111.6 crore. If the collection of the Salman Khan’s earlier blockbuster movies is compared with this amount, then Tubelight is lacking way behind than the other blockbuster movies of Salman Khan, whose earning average is shown below: —

  • Sultan – The overall collection for the first week was around 300 crores approximately.
  • Bajrangi Bhaijaan – This movie had an overall collection for the first week of around 320 crores.
  • Kick – This superhero flick has a box office collection of around 230 crores for the first week.
  • Ek Tha Tiger – This great RAW Spy agent movie had an overall box office collection of around 200 crores for the first week.
  • Dabangg 2 – This sequel of the earlier box office hit of Salman Khan’s Dabangg movie also had a good collection of around 150 crores.

So, what was the reason behind the failure of a great star cast movie of Kabir Khan, who had already provided some blockbusters like Ek Tha Tiger and Bajrangi Bhaijaan with the Khan Bhai? It’s been heard it through the grapevine that the main reason of the failure of this movie to perform at the box office is due to the protagonist character of this movie played by Salman Khan, whose character is more a child-like than compared to his earlier image of macho man that he played in most of his blockbuster movies. If you are going to see Tubelight thinking that Khan Bhai is going to show his muscular biceps and deliver some stunning dialogues like ‘Swagat nahin karoge hamara,’ then forget about it because Mr. Salman Khan has played a role of child-like who is often bullied by his fellow villagers.

Salman Khan Tubelight

Salman Khan Tubelight

Another reason of the failure of this movie is the copy paste adoption of another Hollywood movie called ‘Little Boy,’ directed by the famous Hollywood director; Alejandro Monteverde. The market of Hollywood and English movies is far different from Bollywood and it’s not necessary that every copy paste adoption of these movies will confirm the success of Hindi movies, and attract Indian movie lovers. Hollywood cinema is famous for its off the league movie ideas and different kind of movie adaptations. The audience of Hollywood movies is large, having a great presence in most of the English-speaking countries. Therefore, moviegoers can prefer watching some very genuine kind of stories.

However, the circumstances for the Bollywood is far different. Indian moviegoers do not like something off the league; especially when it relates to their heart throbbing superstars like the Khan bandhoos, Ranbir Kapoor, or Hrithik Roshan. The Khan bandhoos, i.e. Amir, Shahrukh, and Salman are especially famous for their perfection, lover boy image, and macho man image respectively. If these fans are provided with something off the league like Tubelight, then they cannot accept the other kind of image of their superstar, and therefore such kind of films becomes a flop.

Although nothing can be predicted in advance about the movie lovers because it was the same director Kabir Khan, who has presented Salman Khan in a different kind of role in his earlier movie ‘Bajrani Bhaijaan’ where the protagonist hero helped a little Pakistani girl to send her back to his home in Pakistan.

Kabir Khan has failed to provide a good scripted movie, even after copy pasting it from the Hollywood movie. The second half of the movie also fails to entertain viewers with the faith and patriotism shown by the protagonist. Everything is tried to make a little bit sweet and that’s why Salman Khan has been unable to perform well like his earlier characters in a macho man image. The overall viewers’ rating of this movie is merely around 3.5 stars, which does not match the Khan Bhai image anyhow.

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